Our Family

First Generation   

J.G Arnold founded the business in 1892 and named it J.G Arnold Fruiter, Grocer and Produce Dealer. It was located in Wilson St, Albury and then moved to Olive St five years later. He and his wife, Elisabeth had ten children who all worked at Arnold’s at one time or another.

Second Generation  

His eldest son (J.E) Jack joined the business as a teenager and was made partner when he turned 21 in 1901. The name of the business changed to J.G Arnold & Son. While Jack and his father ran the wholesale and transshipping side of the operation, his sisters ran the shop, known as the Olive St Market. In 1921, J.G’s youngest son W.F (Billy) became a partner in the business. The name changed to J.G Arnold & Sons. Cousin Harry (J.G’s nephew) began working for the firm in 1919 and took over the management of the Olive St Market in 1921. The market soon became known as Harry Arnold & Co.


Third Generation  

J.E’s eldest son Noel began working for the company in the early 1920’s. Second son, Jack came on board in 1927 and staff became to know father and son as Big Jack and Little Jack. Third son, Earle joined the business in 1932. W.F’s only son, Paul joined his father, cousins and uncle in the business in 1948. It was Paul who moved Arnold’s to Osburn St Wodonga in 1980, after taking the reins from his much older relatives.


Fourth Generation 

Pauls son, Roger started working at Arnold’s after he left school in 1976. He had already served his “apprenticeship” and knew many aspects of the business. He became General Manager in the 1990’s and Managing Director after the passing of Paul in 2002. Paul’s youngest daughter, Louise began working full time for the family business in 1991 after completing an Art Degree majoring in Acting. She has promoted Arnold’s through radio and television commercials since 1996 and is the face and voice of the family business. Recently through social media Louise's Kitchen has emerged to provide ways to cook with seasonal produce.

Fourth Generation brother and sister Roger and Louise with Fifth Generation sister and brother, Ben and Maddy Arnold


Fifth Generation  

History was made when Ben Arnold, after finishing high school, began working at Arnold’s in 2008. Great great grandson of founder J.G Arnold, Ben after learning all facets of the business, is now General Manager. His younger brother Jake has also worked in the business from time to time. Rogers’ youngest child Maddy joined the family business after finishing school in 2013. She has worked in the retail, wholesale and administration learning from a young age. Ben and Maddy now head up the business with a team of long standing managers.

Fourth Generation Louise with fifth Generation siblings, Maddy, Jake and Ben