Party Box $100

21/9/20 - 25/9/20

Enjoy a selection of fresh seasonal fruit along with a mix of party food including chips, cake mix, lollies, popcorn and more.

Perfect for a kids (or big kids!) celebration with a  mix of naughty and nice goodies!


What's in the box this week:

Rockmelon Whole
Berries Blueberries 125g Punnet
Apples Granny Smith Budget LOCAL
Oranges Navel 3kg Bag LOCAL
Apples Pink Lady Budget LOCAL
Pears Packham Budget

Cake Mix Medallion Devil's Food Cupcakes
Softdrink Tru Blu Lemonade 1.25Ltr
Popcorn Nutlers Movietime Caramel 150g
Softdrink Tru Blu Pub Squash 1.25Ltr
Rice Crackers Fantastic Honey Soy 100g
Biscuits Arnott's Savoy 225g
Biscuits Arnott's Shapes Barbecue 175g
Chips Corn Doritos Nacho Cheese 170g
Chips Cheezels Original Cheese 125g
Chocolate Cadbury Milk Chocolate 180g/200g
Lollies JC's Big Kid's Mix 450g
Lollies JC's Grandpa Mix 500g
Salsa Mission Chunky Mild 453g

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