Our History

1855 J.G Arnold, son of German immigrants is born
1892 J.G Arnold aged 38, married with eight children began business in Albury with a wheelbarrow, joined soon by eldest son J.E
1897 Arnold’s moved to Olive St after briefly running a shop in Wilson St. Business became known as J.G Arnold & Son
1900 Arnolds entered the transhipping and forwarding goods business. J.G & Elisabeth’s 12th child is born
1901 The Olive St Market opened with J.G’s daughters working in store
1906 W.F Arnold joined father and brother. Telephone number 64 was obtained
1910 Freehold purchased and three Arnold’s shops in Olive St modernised
1912 W.F Arnold becomes a partner and business is known as J.G Arnold & Sons
1921 Cousin Harry Arnold entered the business and Harry Arnold & Co is established for the retail trade. Hume Dam was under construction and Arnold’s supplied the workers villages 
1924 J.G Arnold retired
1927 Noel Arnold became partner (first of third generation) followed later by his brothers Jack and Earle. First delivery truck is purchased
1929 J.G Arnold died. First radio is purchased to hear the market reports from Tasmania
1929-31 Modernisation and major expansion of premises. Banana ripening rooms are built
1932 Four young teenagers entered the business Norm Brumm, Lawrie Hillier, Norm Robinson and Norm Olsen and spent practically all their working lives working at Arnold’s
1933 J.E offers to loan the council 500 pounds to build 22 grass tennis courts at the Albury Sports Ground
1938 Arnold’s property consolidated with five shops in Olive St
1940-1945 Army camps becomes major new customer
1947 Bonegilla Migrant camp becomes new customer
1948 Paul Arnold entered the business
1953 Air transport of fresh fruit from Queensland begins
1957 Arnold’s unloaded (by hand) the biggest consignment of potatoes in Australia. A single wagon with 44 tonnes in 640 bags from South Australia
1958 Olive St Fruit and vegetable shop closes but N. Arnold & Co continued to supply confectionery and cordials
1961 Paul Arnold and Finley grower John Harris pioneered washed potatoes for the Riverina by washing the sandy soil off and bagging them in old sugar bags
1962 Rail transhipping wound down with interstate standard gauge
1963 J.E Arnold died
1965 Barrie Arnold (first of fourth generation) entered the business
1967 Noel Arnold retired, business reverted to one company
1976 Roger Arnold (son of Paul) entered the business
1978 Prepacking machines introduced. Noel Arnold died
1979 Earle retired. Barrie leaves business to start Albury’s first McDonalds. Paul Arnold became sole owner. Harry Arnold died. Arnold’s sells property to Myer
1980 Arnold’s relocated to Wodonga
1982 Jack Arnold died
1984 W.F Arnold died
1988 Arnold’s Fruit Market opened
1991 Louise Arnold entered the business full time
1992 Arnolds celebrates centenary. J.G Arnold’s daughter, Esther passes away at the age of 104
2002 Earle Arnold died in May. Paul Arnold died in December
2003 Arnold’s Online Home Delivery service was established
2004 Arnolds Fruit Market wins Victorian Retailer of the Year
2008 Ben Arnold (first of fifth generation) entered the business fulltime
2009 B Double trailer is purchased for trips to Melbourne Markets
2012 Arnolds celebrated turning 120 years old. Wholesale moved to warehouse in Kendall St. Large Retail store opens
2013 Maddy Arnold entered business fulltime  

The Butcher @ Arnold’s opened

Roger Arnold celebrates 40 years of service


Louise Arnold celebrates 25 years of service


Celebrates 125th year of business in Albury Wodonga


Arnold's Online celebrates 15 years of home deliveries to the households and workplaces of Albury Wodonga and region


Arnold's is inducted into the exclusive Albury Wodonga Business Awards Hall of Fame

New 23 ton capacity truck is purchased


Celebrates 40 years in Osburn St, Wodonga