Deluxe Gift Box

17/5/21 - 21/5/21

Enjoy a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, salad ingredients and local gourmet grocery goodies.

A wonderful gift idea for friends or family members.

What's in the box this week:

Potato Washed 2.5kg Bag
Onions Brown 1kg Bag
Tomato Roma Mini Punnet
Carrots 1kg Bag
Lettuce Cos Mini Twin Pack
Zucchini  LOCAL
Herbs Fresh Coriander 
Brussels Sprouts 1kg Bag
Cucumber Lebanese
Apples Pink Lady Budget  LOCAL
Pears Packham Budget 
Avocado Hass 

Eggs Free Range Holbrook LOCAL
Cookies Crumble Baking Company Classic Choc Chip 5 Pack LOCAL
Cordial Billson's Portello 700ml LOCAL
Spread Jill's Cuisine Traditional Tomato Relish 400g LOCAL
Juice Beechworth Apple Clear 2 Ltr LOCAL
Spread Jim Jam Fig Paste 180g LOCAL
Mustard Milawa Mild Honey 240g LOCAL
Chips MP Harvest Foods Apple Crisps 36g LOCAL

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